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WELCOME Stylishdater!

Jessie the Matchmaker here! As a Matchmaker for the past 20 years, I've helped many women and men upgrade their wardrobes...so much so that we've decided to open a stylish, unique online store. We've worked with a team of professional stylist to pick styles that are bright, fun, classy, sexy and feminine. 

STYLISH DATER.COM is a boutique style clothing store online for savvy shoppers who are looking for Date oriented attire. Now, Dating attire isn't JUST for singles...It is for date night with your husband, significant other, girls night out and special occasions. 

Our purpose is straightforward;

To offer unique styles that are fashion forward at affordable prices.

To inspire women worldwide to take pride in their attire and free their inner fashionista - WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. 

To transform your hesitant habits into fierce traditions.

While mirroring all of your high street favorites at competitive prices. We ensure every woman has access to some of the hottest outfits and  great style advice, creating the wardrobe of your dreams.

We believe whole heartedly that our wardrobes are nonverbal communicators. Confidence, well-being, and happiness can be attained by understanding the power of ones image. Just like the interior décor defines the space, how we dress defines our image.

What you wear can effect your image and your image can effect your life and your dating efforts in a negative or in a positive way. Use the power of clothing to take the negative and turn it into a positive.

Your image can affect your personal world in many aspects of life.

With new styles uploaded weekly, and exclusive interviews with REAL women experiencing STYLISHDATER.COM. We will proudly showcase "The Perfect Date Night Outfit" weekly.

We encourage and empower women on an international scale to become the best versions of themselves that they possibly can be.


With Love, 

Jessie The Matchmaker 

Stylishdater Crew

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