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The image of yourself in your mind vs. the image in the mirror

  The image of yourself in your mind vs. the image in the mirror, does it match?  Ok Ladies, most of us don't REALLY see ourselves in our mind the way the actual image in the mirror reflects. I admit I have been guilty of this myself. Its important that you understand your body image and what colors make you Pop. Take a look at yourself from your shoulders all the way down to your feet. When matchmaking  singles I always tell them to stripe down and stand in front of the mirror. Its important that you take the time to love every inch of your beautiful body. Memorize your curves, be proud of loving yourself.  Beautiful bright clothes that...

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We love your curves!

We are showcasing the Sahara Green Bodysuit and Pencil Skirt. Ladies, don't you hate it when you feel like everyone can see every imperfection while wearing nylon or spandex clothing. Well, Stylishdater has a solution that will boost your confidence plus make you feel amazing all day and night. Our New Sahara Green Bodysuit and Pencil Skirt is double layered so it hides any imperfections and holds you tight. Go ahead, wear the Sahara Green Bodysuit and Pencil Skirt celebrate your curves!   With love, Stylishdater Crew #prettycrew  

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You will fall in love with the Sofia Dress

 The Sofia Dress We absolutely LOVE the Sofia Dress! It's funny on the hanger the Sofia doesn't look like anything too exciting... but once you put the dress on - WOWZA! It is light in material and the fit hugs you in all the right places.  The Sofia comes in a ray of colors - Green, Red, White, Black, Tan, Pink, Fuchsia  This dress is attractive and easy... you'll see and LOVE it!  Matchmaker Tip:  Pull your hair to the side for pictures or when you out and about (if you have longer hair)...very alluring and feminine, favorite amongst men. If you don't have long hair then make it a point to expose your neck as much as you

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